About Detail Thugga

Detail Thugga is a leading car detailing studio in Stoke-On-Trent. Founded in 2017 by detailer Carl Fowell. 

Detailing was a hobby and a passion, before it was a business.

Detail Thugga has grown through recommendations, repeat customers, and referrals – I don’t advertise the business. I create unique, memorable experiences for my customers. Through live updates on Instagram, contact and updates throughout the job, advising customers on best maintenance techniques and products, vehicle inspections, paint readings, the products I use, general advice I offer, the look and feel of the unit…. Each treatment is catered to your car, you and your budget.

How did Detail Thugga get started?

Like many car detailers, I started detailing as a hobby. Washing, decontaminating, polishing, and protecting my own cars. Pretty quickly I started detailing cars for friends and family.

When I started I was using Autoglym products and a machine polisher from Halfords – today I use some of the best, specialist detailing products and tools. Including accredited use only coatings such as Absolute Wax’s Ballistic Coating and Titan Coatings.

Within 6 years I had tested 100’s of products, techniques and combinations, watching car detailing videos on YouTube, reading up on Detailing World and Detailing Wiki and learning what works for different paint types through trial and error.

In 2017 I agreed to start cleaning, detailing and preparing new and used cars for Platinum Prestige Cars in Stoke-On-Trent. I detailed cars for Platinum Prestige Cars in my spare time, alongside a full time job, and started taking and sharing pictures on Instagram @detail_thugga. Pretty quickly my Instagram page starting growing, and customers started booking through Instagram. Fast forward to 2021, in May I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram and Detail Thugga is a full time, growing business. 

Platinum Prestige Cars has been the perfect partner for Detail Thugga. I started off detailing modified range rovers, and in my first year I detailed so many of them, The Detailer’s Bible dubbed me Mr Range Rover. Detailing small cars was light work after the Range Rovers.

Live from Detail Thugga

Follow @detail_thugga for live updates and a behind the scenes look at the car detailing results delivered daily in Stoke on Trent – better yet, book you car in for one of our detailing treatments to be featured. 

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What cars do you detail?

Everything from daily cars to classics, modern day supercars and everything in between.

I detail a lot of German Cars – which are notorious for having rock hard paint. I detail a lot of Mercedes, a lot of BMWs, Audis, and Volkswagens.

I have established a reputation for detailing the more challenging cars, both in terms of the type of paint and the level of defects i.e. the amount of polishing, enhancement and correction I have to do.

Recently, I’ve detailed a lot of classic Fords i.e. 70s and 80s Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts, Focus RS’s, and Sierra Cosworths – I really enjoy those jobs, because you can make a big difference and that’s really satisfying! Plus with the advances in polishing technology and techniques, as well as advanced coatings, some of these cars probably look better today leaving Detail Thugga than they did when they were brand new.